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naive-gate: -kisses your helm some how because- Hi Trepan, how are you? I missed you and I haven't seen you in forever


"Now who might that be?", the mnemosurgeon purred as he felt small servos on his helm and a kiss soon after.

"It’s Tailgate, isn’t it?", he guessed before turning around to return the kiss - on his lips.

Sadly he had underestimated the anons ability to disguise. They apparently were even better at it than Cybertronians!

Here you go have a highly embarrassed minibot behind Trepan because he wasn’t expecting that. Took him enough courage just to go and kiss Trepan’s helm.

"O-of course its me. I’m just going to…" insert embarrassed laughter. "Long time no see~"

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So is Ambulon a doctor or a nurse?

I wanna say doctor, or at the very least, M.A. or A.M.O. I also imagine he’d an E.M.R—I mean, aside from ward duties (which I’m assuming covered urgent care because wards are usually comprised of specialty departments); Ambulon being chosen to go on the away mission with the team in issue #12 is a perfect example of an EMR. It could have been a random choice on Roberts’s part, though.

Since Ratchet is CMO, though, I’d say on board the Lost Light, Ambulon and First Aid are simply AMOs. Outside that… Ratchet is an MD, and a specialist in various other fields, I’m sure. I can see First Aid as an D.O. with interest in O.M.M. Ambulon could easily just be a GP or MA or EMR. Nurse would work, too, but… I wanna say he’s up above nurse and more MA.

tl;dr going with ambulon is a doctor trebek as my final answer

My head canon goes with Ambulon is a MD but since Pharma dislike him as a former decepticon, he put Ambulon in the position of a ward manager to make Ambulon’s life hard for not able to do what suits his educational background. I mean, ward manager is a tough job, but it is a managing/paperwork and sometimes political job (at least in here). You have to deal with people from different departments which could be tedious as hell. I don’t think Ambulon would like that, being an ex-decepticon won’t give him advantage when you need to deal with those. It’s probably out of his field anyway since ward manager needs to have the knowledge if not another degree of, well, management.

But the structure and the division of medical works in transformers (not just in MTMTE) is very blurry, and everyone does pretty much the same “medic” job, the change of field didn’t show that much of impact than if it was happened in a real life hospital.


[[ ffff didn’t expect anyone to reply to this but both of your answer are great! Thank you for replying even if this is like from 3 weeks ago. ]]

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I had a dream I was a that human Oprah’s birthday party…I was a human to and she made me wear this black and white dress! She booked my room for her party at an expensive hotel and i was one of her guest of honor or something! It was soo cool until for some reason instead of wearing dress the bottom half of my dress was pants…I kept having to run errands for people that every time I tried to go back to the party I forgot to put my skirt half back on. 

T-then I got lost and I missed the party and I had to find someones baby ;n; 

Whhhy do I have to have human dreams like >.< Why Can’t I be a princess in some castle or something?

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So is Ambulon a doctor or a nurse?

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I wonder what that blue energon from other universes taste like…

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Ugh…I had a terrible nightmare. It had a lot of energon and innards everywhere -shivers-

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Someone you know: Rodimus have you ever thought about getting a different paint job?


"I tried to channel a Senator Shockwave look once…”


"But, honestly, I think my current paint scheme works. Not everyone can pull off flames - and I make it look easy.”

"Yeah….please don’t pull that look again. It doesn’t look good on you. Well it does but I don’t think it suits you."

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"A walk sounds perfect." He agreed before standing and shaking out his plating.

Tailgate lead their walk out into the long hallways of the Lost Light, trying to think about what else to say “So…you make things right?”

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If Ambulon was suppose to be a leg…and apart of a combiner team then…then maybe the other combiners name were: 

Torso: Centrum

Arm 1: Amputare

Arm 2: Brachium

Leg 1: Ambulon

Leg 2: Crur

Maybe they all became doctors like Ambulon or maybe nurses!

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I wonder what I’d look like if I had a flight alt mode…

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